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Memories Left in Whispers

Decisions And Feelings of Those Left Behind...

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If you let me ramble on, you might get something out of it. Might. That's the key word and one which people have trouble remembering. Especially when I warn them before-hand. Words are my only form of expression because I despise the sound of my own voice. It makes me appear slower and dumber than I really am. Also, I have been writing since the age of 9. How else am I to go about showing my true self? I have many works in the works. I'll get up links to them later and might even have some more entertaining things for you people. Who knows? XDD

Azuma Kazuma | Yakitate!! Japan (itallpannedout)
Tawara Bunshichi | Tenjou Tenge (oldmanoncampus)
Kimori Tarou | Ghost Hound (raburabu_mysis)
Dr. Franken Stein | Soul Eater (iscrewtothink)
Prussia | Axis Powers: Hetalia! (dasschlechtende)
Shibuya Kazuya aka Naru | Ghost Hunt (tsuntsunarunaru)
Kou | Monochrome Factor (lightbetrayals)

Kuroba Kaito | Magic Kaito/Detective Conan (amazinghattrick)
Sawada Tsunayoshi | Katekyou Hitman Reborn! (glovescomeon)
Takeuchi Sora | Air Gear (>wingstothesky)
Dean Winchester | Supernatural (sonuva_gun)
Orihara Izaya | Durarara!! (hey__listen) - BEST END
The Doctor [Meta-Crisis] | Doctor Who (aclonetraveller)
Kurono Kei | Gantz (daytimelantern)

Juliet de Capulet | Romeo x Juliet (whereforeartthou)


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