Jevana (jeva_chan) wrote,

JEVA IS SUCH A CRYBABY. burst into tears over this

... I suddenly miss my cat Blackie. She was a, surprise, black cat. She was born in a litter of kitten that included Brownie, a brown cat. Brownie was originally my kitten but my older sister didn't like Blackie since she was a sickly kitten. So we traded.

Blackie lived to be 15 years old. During the last parts of her life, she was an out-door cat. She would always come up to me for pets and purrs and loves and nuzzles. And even though she wasn't the healthiest cats--she was always sneezy no matter what treatment was given to her, I loved her all the same.

When I was younger and she was still an indoor cat, whenever I would be crying and feeling lonely, Blackie would come in and push her head against me, looking for pets and giving me reassurance that I wasn't alone.

All the cats I've knows up to now have never done that for me.

With all the hormonal nostalgia lately, I just really miss having a friend like that. Animal or otherwise.

I miss you, Blackie.

and now everyone knows why jeva likes black cat emoticons and such

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